Onsite SEO Penalty Removal Service


99% of sites that we look over in terms of their SEO suffer from at least a couple of onsite penalties (usually many). These onsite (or Google Panda) penalties are still largely unknown by most people, sadly even most “SEO professionals” are not getting this stuff right.

These penalties are literally costing you money, whether or not you’ve already got someone working on your SEO currently, the money you’re losing by not removing these penalties from the start and missing out on all that extra traffic is literally suffocating the potential growth of your business.

It's very simple to find out how Google see's your website, just use the search operator shown above for your own domain (site:domain.com)

It’s very simple to find out how Google see’s your website, just use the search operator shown above for your own domain (site:domain.com)

This service is really the bedrock of any SEO work that’s going to be done to bring your site higher rankings in Google, and the increased leads, customers and sales that you desire from this work.

The work done in removing these penalties is so important, that we will actually goes as far as to turn away potential future clients who are not willing to have this foundational penalty removal work done at the beginning of the campaign, as any future hope of good rankings is going to be SEVERELY jeopardized if we don’t remove these penalties.

I like to use the anology of driving around in your car with the hand brake on. As long as Google finds these penalties to be affecting your site, you can build as many great links as you can afford, and you simply won’t get the results that are possible. Not only that, but removing these penalties alone, quite often sees our client’s websites get a little bump in rankings across the board for whatever keywords they were already ranking for.

With that said, here’s the main aspects of the service that we’ll carry out to leave your website in good standing to have the offsite SEO work (link building, and other external promotion) done.

What We’ll Do


As part of our commitment to making our service as transparent as possible for our customers, we’ll include full BEFORE/AFTER video reporting of your site and what exactly the penalties are, how they’ll be addressed.

* Initial full video report showing you the list of onsite SEO and site structure problems that are currently keeping your website down in the rankings – we’ll also discuss what will be done to remove these by the end of the service.

* Enter and check your site’s standing in Google’s own webmaster tools dashboard – This shows us your site from Google’s very own point of view, and helps us weed out any extra issues that weren’t visible from our initial checks.

* Removal of all duplicate content issues on your site, including duplication of page text content, and Meta title key phrase duplication issues.

* De-indexing of any “bad pages” that are shown in Google’s index when doing a search of your site. This could include simply low content, low quality pages, PDF files, and even website plugins or other robot only pages that have somehow landed in the Google index.

* Remove coding issues that are holding back how quickly your site/page is loading.

* Making recommendations for improving the amount and quality of content on key pages on your website that you want to rank well in the search results for.

Time Frame

This will depend largely on the size of your website/project. For a smaller sized site with less indexed pages to work on, you’re looking at a full turn around of 1-2 weeks.


Again, Pricing is dependent on the size of your site, but starts off at £250 for a smaller sized project. Call us today on 07426 859960 to get a quick quote! Or alternatively you either use the chat box to your right can contact us via the contact page.