Video Marketing For Small and Medium Local Businesses

Today I want to quickly discuss using video to better market your local business online.

video-marketing-belfastVideo marketing can be a great way to give your business an even greater diversity of online presence. It’s no secret that Google loves videos (they own Youtube), and for this reason they also don’t seem to have any problem ranking videos at the top of the results for a load of different search phrases, ranging from BIG international product search phrases or keywords, all the way down to local service searches and keywords.

For this reason, it’s really a great addition to think about in terms of marketing your business online. If you already have all the basic online marketing levels covered (which you should if you’re at all serious about getting as much potential business from Google as possible) which would include having a website, having a professional facebook page, and doing some SEO for your website and possibly some Google sponsored advertising aswell if you have the budget.

online-media-marketing-edinburghIdeally, if you’re going to get into marketing your local business online using video, then I would ultimately recommend having your own youtube channel created, which not only creates a great “centre” from which all your videos can be accessed, but also incorporates a powerful and professional sense of branding for your business or company.

This is something that we can offer you here at Whitetip SEO, so feel free to contact me if it’s something you’d like to discuss. As always, I’m happy to give potential clients a quick consulation at no charge, just to see where your business is at, and what can potentially be done to improve your business’s online presence and success.

Thanks for reading 🙂



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