How Whitetip SEO Can Help Your Business

Here at Whitetip SEO, we understand that there are many so called “professional online marketing consultants” out there approaching local businesses, and not providing true value, and actual real life results (more phone calls, leads, and customers for your business). Business owners are getting ripped off left, right and center, it’s time for that to end NOW.

It’s for that reason that we really make it our duty to provide solid services, that create real results for your business. Also, we actually have experience with getting consistent successful results online, with social marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing and more, as we have been doing for our own businesses now since early 2008. So if you’re ready to actually start making online marketing a successful addition to your business promotion, take a look through our various different promotion and marketing packages we offer below (ordered by popularity).

Search Engine Optimization Packages

This is our main area of expertise here at Whitetip SEO. We have over 7 years experience with building and ranking online properties. Not only do we have a lot of experience in this field, but the fact that we keep up to date with what’s working in Search Engine Optimisation by following ONLY data driven and real life test based information for our own businesses and our clients, means that we’re several steps above the average so called “SEO Professional”.

In fact, before we continue explaining the basics of SEO, if you’re interested in us taking a personal look at your current website right now, and allowing us to quickly highlight the issues with your site that are holding it’s rankings in Google and the other search engines down – Simply get in contact today. We do this as a complimentary service for those of you who understand the power and potential for growth that adding the use of SEO as an online marketing tool can have for your business. (Simply use the chat box to the right or the contact page to get in touch)

Now, are you aware of the hundreds or even thousands of potential leads and customers that you could be getting with a good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign for your website, that’s done right?

Make sure you are at the very top of Google for your potential customers!

Suprisingly, most businesses are not aware of the relative ease in which they could have their website at #1-3 in Google and the other search engines. Again, this is what our business has been specializing in for over 7 years now, and with absolute success (and in a lot of cases for International search results – which are much harder). So if you are interested in propelling your website to the top spots of Google, and getting those extra eyeballs to your business, we invite you to begin a conversation with us today to see how we can design a custom plan to help your business really start to take advantage of the large potential of marketing itself correctly online.

Either contact us by using the form here, calling us, or by simply using the chat box to the bottom right of the site to either chat with us live or leave a message.

Social Marketing Packages

Social Media marketing is extremely important at the moment, and it’s only growing in value as a way for local businesses to connect to their local communities, and increase their lead and customer numbers. We offer the below Social Marketing packages.

Professional Business Facebook Fan-Page Creation – Giving your business a more professional Facebook profile, and including full Facebook integration with your current or new website.

Google + Business Page Creation – Tomorrow’s Facebook, don’t miss out on the trend, and make sure you’ll be professionally setup on this new platform when it gets big.

Video Marketing Packages

Video marketing is a great way to build up your online marketing profile, and create an image of your business which can be seen as one of the authorities or leaders in your business sector. We offer 2 different video marketing packages, based on your desires.

YouTube Video Marketing – We will create your very own channel, which will become the hub of your Youtube video marketing campaign, and will be filled with videos relevant to your local business, that will not only pull potential leads and customers from Youtube to your website, but also get ranked in Google’s results, for an added SEO coverage.

Total Video Domination – The complete video marketing domination package, where we spread your videos throughout the web across multiple different video sharing platforms.

If you want to find out more about either of these services, please ask us so we can get a better idea of exactly what would be right for your business.

Email Marketing Packages

Email marketing is not always relevant to all businesses, but for some it can really add a lot to your bottom line. The power of being able to send out email promotions to a list of people that are either already customers, or potential prospects is EXTREMELY powerful. This is how you create repeat business, and create effective word of mouth buzz aswell.

Total Email Domination – This package involves us setting up an entire email marketing campaign for you, including modifying your current website in order put more emphasis on collecting leads, setting up your autoresponder for you, and providing a template for your first 4 weeks of email contact with your email subscriber list.

Basic Email Marketing – We’ll do the basic setup of your autoresponder account, and setup your basic email “optin form” on your website, so that you can start collecting leads, and communicating with your list.

If you’re interested in either of these packages or any of the services listed on this page to develop your business, please ask us to find out more!


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