Whitetip SEO was founded at the beginning of 2012. While the company is relatively new, it’s founder and director Nick Earl is certainly no “newby” when it comes to website design, online marketing, and especially search engine marketing (getting your website listed at the top of the Google search results) social marketing (Facebook, etc), and many other ways of marketing businesses online.

Nick has been practicing and refining his strategies for marketing his own online businesses since early 2008, and so has a solid understanding of both the theory and practice of the many techniques and methodoligies concerned with successfully marketing any type of business online. He has developed and marketed over 350 of his own web properties throughout his time, so has a load of experience in what works and appeals to the web visitor, when it comes to website design.

Whitetip SEO aims to provide high quality online marketing services to both small local businesses, and larger businesses alike. Our aim here is to really provide you with the results that you would like to get from marketing your business online, as we understand that many marketing companies, especially in the SEO (search engine optimisation) space, simply don’t offer the value they claim to.

This can also be said for some of the bigger companies that provide so called “online marketing” for small businesses as a side for their main business which is usually selling other business services. These companies are most often not up to scratch with what really works when it comes to marketing your business online successfully, and in fact are simply trying to “cover more bases” to make more money off of their customers, such as yourself. This is not always the case, but unfortunately it happens more often than not.

Whitetip SEO really sets out to provide RESULTS, because we know that this is what any small or large business owner is really looking for when they look to market themselves online. We feel that since we’ve started, and since working with many clients across all sorts of industries now, so far we’ve been very successful at sticking to our mission of delivering great results, if you want to see whether our client’s seem to agree, visit this page to see a large amount of our client feedback.

Thanks for reading about us, we really appreciate you taking the time, and we look forward with being provided the opportunity to provide real value to your business, whether large or small, and get those results that you’re after!

Best Wishes,

The Team
Whitetip SEO