YouTube Marketing, The Right Way – Coming Soon!


YouTube marketing and building a branded YouTube channel which actually helps grow your business. I pointed towards this briefly in my last article, but wanted to talk about it in more specifics here.

name and lead base, is going to be something that we are really going to start focusing on big time here at Whitetip SEO. Having a branded YouTube channel is a powerful tool, not only because it makes your company look more professional, but because it will build the search engine optimisation power of all the videos that you create, and have created in the past for your channel. Those of us in the SEO space refer to this concept as authority, or “link juice”.

So, first of all I’ll be doing a bit of a testing phase with this, using the concepts and methods to promote Whitetip SEO itself, along with some of my other online businesses that I run. I am really excited to see the results, because what I know of the power of YouTube marketing done properly so far, is that it has the potential to allow your videos to completely dominate the Google SERPS (search engine results page) when carried out correctly.


YouTube Channel’s done right, create a powerful branding medium


If that’s true, then YouTube marketing, including not only ranking individual┬ávideos, but also building an “authority channel” in youtube, will not only become one of the most used strategies for my own separate businesses, but it will also be used heavily for promoting Whitetip SEO itself into the UK web design, SEO, and online marketing niches, not to mention offering it as a service for which my very own clients can start to dominate their local industries using the power of video.

The testing phase is very close to beginning (just got too much going on to get into it right away…), and when I have more data and results, I’ll be starting to post more about it on Whitetip SEO and introducing it as a service for clients.

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